The ACT is a different sort of test than the SAT. Take the SAT, subtract some of the difficult reasoning, add some further content (e.g., trigonometry to the math, rhetorical skills to the writing/English), add a science section focused on interpreting data, and you’ve got the ACT. Also, the ACT’s essay is optional, and only some universities require or recommend it.
In some states, the ACT is preferred. While Virginia has historically been an SAT state, its colleges also accept the ACT. Who is the ideal candidate to take the ACT instead of the SAT? A student who struggled on the PSAT but has generally done well in school. This sort of student may find the ACT a little more user-friendly.

Clayborne Education’s two-part, individualized test preparation:

Diagnostic Stage- For ACT students, our first step at Clayborne is to administer a full-length diagnostic pre-test. We analyze the student's results from their diagnostic and prepare a personally tailored program that takes into account their college goals and individual testing needs. The student, with their parent(s), then sit down for a consultation with Claiborne's Test Prep Coordinator to lay out the best plan for success. Students and parents should leave the consultation with a target test date, clear goal scores, and a better understanding of the process involved in attaining these goals.  

Test Preparation- After the diagnostic stage, individual tutoring sessions begin – again, catered to each student’s scheduling needs. Students typically meet one to three times per week for one to two hours and cover fundamentals, timed practice, and full-length proctored tests.  Clayborne's Tutors support students every step of the way, watching for patterns in the student's testing behavior and adapting each session to the student's immediate needs.  Clayborne’s robust curriculum and expert tutors create a proven, personalized approach to test preparation. 

Need a Boost Right Before the Test?

We know that tests are stressful, and the week before the test can be especially nerve-wracking for students as they wonder whether they’re really prepared. In order to reassure students of their abilities, the week before each ACT we offer our Accelerator Courses. Whether you’ve already been prepping for countless hours, or you just remembered the test is this coming weekend, you’ll find these sessions helpful.

These courses are designed to do exactly what the name suggests: “accelerate” students confidently into the test.

They do so by:
– reviewing the basic format and strategies of the test;
– working through notably difficult questions and common mistakes;
– giving students chances to interact and exchange ideas;
– discussing anxiety relief; and,
– reviewing pre-test logistics.

Accelerators are 2, two-hour courses the week before each test, taught by two of our Elite Tutors: one for ACT Math/Science, and one for ACT English/Reading.


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The tutoring program designed for Alexis was obviously right on target, as demonstrated by the scores Alexis received, which actually surpassed the goals set for her. There was just the right amount of homework, which did not overload her schedule … the right balance of work for both sessions and homework that prepared her for her tests without overwhelming or placing too much stress on her. She felt very confident as she went in to take the tests.”
— ACT Parent