We love the LSAT! While that might make us weird by most people’s standards, it does make Clayborne well suited to help you wrestle with the hundreds of LSAT questions you’ll encounter. There is no way around it: the LSAT takes a good deal of preparation. Wouldn’t it be best to go through that preparation with an expert tutor at your side, so that each interaction with the test is a true learning experience?

Through the use of the most recently released LSATs and effective, flexible strategies for every question type, Clayborne maximizes each student’s individual potential. You only prepare for the LSAT once, and you certainly want to take it only once; we can help you do that and do it right! We’ve seen the evidence, with student increases of more than 20 points!

Clayborne Education’s two-part, individualized test preparation:

Diagnostic Stage: For LSAT students, our first step at Clayborne is a full-length diagnostic pre-test. We break down these results in detail and prepare a personally tailored program that takes into account the student’s graduate school goals. Then, each program begins with a meeting with Clayborne’s grad exam coordinator to discuss a proposed tutoring plan. The diagnostic stage is extremely valuable because it enables us to create a unique program that includes everything you need and excludes everything you don’t.

One-to-One Tutoring: After the diagnostic stage, individual tutoring sessions begin–again, catered to each individual student’s needs. Clayborne’s mix of helpful materials and expert tutors creates a proven, personalized approach to test preparation. Sessions typically last one to two hours, two to three times a week.

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Being able to take multiple tests under simulated test conditions was extremely useful and went a long way in helping me feel confident and comfortable in the actual test.

Also, his individualized attention, his care and investment in things beyond the test all helped to make the experience more enjoyable and effective.

Trust in the practice and preparation that you have had. Clay did a splendid job helping me feel comfortable with the material, do your best to rest in that confidence.
— Tony G.