Interested in giving to our refugee fund? Click the "Donate" button below. (For further ways to give scroll down to the button of this page to the section titled "Ways to Give.")

Starting in March, Clayborne began raising funds to help support a refugee student to do free test prep with us. Pictured below is our refugee student, Kibiriti Majuto, who has already started a very comprehensive program with us. We've raised enough money for Kibiriti to do free test prep, however we need to continue raising funds for him to do tutoring, coaching, college essay help, and college visits with us.

Kibiriti was originally born in the Congo DRC but has lived in most parts of east Africa. Kibiriti Majuto is a charismatic, intelligent young man. He is a junior at Charlottesville High School and he is incredibly involved in his community. He knows what it means to serve. Kibiriti is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, though he's been all throughout east and south Africa, fleeing persecution and enduring intense xenophobia. Kibiriti sat down with our co-owner, Lee Elberson, one day and mentioned that he had his first bite of an apple at age 8. 

We proceeded to meet Kibiriti's parents and they could only express the most sincere gratitude for what we were hoping to do for their son. That meeting was a gift to us and very encouraging. Kibiriti was also nothing but thankful.  

So right now Kibiriti is knee deep in the Clayborne test prep world. Not only though are we hoping to provide Kibiriti with test prep and all the other resources mentioned above, we would also like to raise money for him to go to college on scholarship. Our goal is straightforward; we hope to get Kibiriti into college. And Kibiriti will need a full-ride in order to make that happen.

Thus, you can help by donating to this wonderful cause. All donations given will be matched by Clayborne 2-to-1. We value every donation and know that with the community of Charlottesville behind us, Kibiriti will have incredible opportunities at his finger tips, opportunities he could've never imagined before coming to the United States.  If you would like to donate towards this incredible cause, visit our website and click the PayPal link. For tax credit donations, give us a call. We would love to recognize your generosity!

Kibiriti is excited about the opportunity to work with Clayborne Education. At Clayborne, we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Kibiriti. We hope that this is simply the beginning of a company-wide movement to enable success for refugee population in Charlottesville. 

Ways to Give:

We hope that this fundraiser will raise awareness in the community about the academic needs of the refugee population in Charlottesville. You all can donate to this cause in a variety of ways:

  1. Send a check to our office (515 Locust Avenue, Charlottesville VA 22902), made out to Clayborne Education with "Refugee Fund 2016" written in the memo line. 
  2. Drop by the office with cash, check, or credit card.
  3. Give online: click the PayPal "Donate" button above or participate in our Indiegogo Campaign.