The SAT is a well known and little loved rite of passage for high school students across the country. Prizing critical thinking and problem solving above memorization and regurgitation of facts, the SAT makers have created a test that, fortunately, can be taught and thoroughly prepared for. Here’s how we do it:

Clayborne Education’s two-part, individualized test preparation:

Diagnostic Stage: For SAT students, our first step at Clayborne is a full-length diagnostic pre-test. We break down these results in detail and prepare a personally tailored program that takes into account the student’s college goals. Then, each program begins with a meeting with Clayborne’s director to discuss a proposed tutoring plan. The diagnostic stage is extremely valuable because it enables us to create a unique program that includes everything you need and nothing you don’t.

SAT Test Preparation: After the diagnostic stage, individual tutoring sessions begin – again, catered to each individual student’s needs. Clayborne’s mix of helpful materials and expert tutors creates a proven, personalized approach to test preparation. Sessions typically last one to two hours, one to three times a week.

Need a Boost Right Before the Test?

Introducing Clayborne’s new “Accelerators!” These three-hour class sessions are designed to “accelerate” your student into the test by reviewing the basics – format, timing, techniques – while also reinforcing key strategies and skills. Think of them as pre-test review sessions your teacher would hold the week before the test. We will hold two, three-hour sessions – one Verbal, one Math – the week before each test. Please see the dates below, and contact us to register!

For the May 3rd SAT:
~ Monday, April 28th 7:00-10:00 PM – Verbal Accelerator with Clay
~ Wednesday, April 30th 7:00-10:00 PM – Math Accelerator with Lee

Contact us now to find out more about Clayborne’s unique approach to SAT preparation!