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About Us

Clayborne Education stands with students, parents, schools, and communities in pursuit of a better future for students and peace of mind for those who love them. Built on a passion for one-to-one engagement and a conviction that personally tailored is packed with promise, Clayborne has nurtured academic fitness for nearly a decade. Clayborne deepened its reach and resources in October 2015 with the acquisition of Champion Tutoring, the oldest local tutoring company in Charlottesville. Under the banner of Clayborne, we carry on the vision of both companies by designing all our programs around the uniqueness of the individual student.

This ethos is why Test Preparation at Clayborne begins with an in-depth consultation with the student (and other stakeholders) and takes the form of a program customized for the student’s unique aspirations. This ethos is why our Graduate Exam Prep  is carefully constructed to give the student everything s/he needs and nothing s/he doesn’t. And this ethos is why Academic Coaching begins with a searching conversation about the student’s needs and whether Clayborne’s resources and approach will be a good fit.

Our tutors get to know their students and work side-by-side with them to help them realize their dreams. We offer in-home services throughout central Virginia and meet with students at our three lovely educational centers, two in Charlottesville and one in Richmond. We also see students across the country and overseas via online sessions. Come talk with us today!


The seeds of Clayborne came from our founder’s experiences with classroom-based test prep and the power of one-to-one instruction and coaching. The dream has always been to marry these two elements into a dynamic, nimble model; with each passing year, as our team grows in the breadth and depth of its experience and competence, that dream becomes a richer reality.


We exist to further the thriving of students, families, schools, and communities. Here are some core commitments that we embrace as we pursue this mission.
  • Relationships. We build rapport and trust with students, families, and other stakeholders in the educational mission.
  • Hospitality. We view our centers as safe havens where students can let their guards down, rest from their anxieties, and find confidence, refreshment, and encouragement.
  • Generosity. Giving away more of our services year after year, we seek ways to return to our communities a portion of the abundance with which we have been blessed.
  • Fun. Whether it’s the games you find scattered around our centers, our corny senses of humor, our nerdy enthusiasm for tests and learning, or our energy and zest for our work, we share a sense of fun that, we hope, will lift the spirits of all those we encounter.
  • Holistic Approach. It’s been noted that “tests are standardized, but students are not.” Unleashing the power of individualized instruction means offering wisdom, not just knowledge; addressing anxiety,  not just aptitude; and producing confidence, not just competence. As a result, our students leave us with a renewed internal motivation and hope for their future.
  • Integrity. We seek to extend the same level of service to every client, every family, whatever their socioeconomic status. Rather than pushing unnecessary services, we seek to provide those services that are truly needed, and in appropriate scope.
  • Professionalism and Excellence. We employ best practices in every area of our service, communicate promptly and effectively with clients, and pursue optimal outcomes for every student in our charge.


We see a future in which students flourish more thoroughly because we honor their history, their individuality, and their community. We see a substantially more robust suite of scholarship offerings, including perhaps the creation of a partner nonprofit, so that no student with the need and motivation is denied expert college or graduate school prep for financial reasons. We seek to grow not only into new geographic areas but also into more fruitful partnerships with schools and nonprofits and into deeper, more wide-ranging programs so that students are even more powerfully enabled to realize their college, grad school, and professional dreams. In short, we see a world in which our mission is fully realized: For parents, peace of mind; for students, a better future. 


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