When Clay Daniel asked Lee Elberson to become his business partner in 2014, they both knew Clayborne would gain the very benefit we pursue for our students: a better future. Over the past four years, their complementary skill sets have positioned Clayborne as the best-known local tutoring firm in Charlottesville. Since the outset of their partnership, Clayborne has acquired one of its competitors, hired its first full time sales manager, added Scott Webster (Director of College Entrance Exam Prep) to the ownership team, and initiated a comprehensive scholarship program aimed at significantly deepening and widening access to our services to students of every socioeconomic background.

As Clayborne has continued to grow in both clients and staff, the need for a streamlined infrastructure has become evident. As of Jan. 1, 2018, Clay will devote his time to the development of Clayborne’s academic programs and curricula, immersing himself in Clayborne’s primary service: test prep. As Clayborne’s most experienced and highest rated tutor, Clay is uniquely positioned to oversee the training of new tutors and maintain the highest standard of excellence for our team of more than 25 tutors.

Additionally, Lee will now step into a chief operations role, channeling his passion for business development and utilizing his training in and aptitude for quantitative analysis.  For the past four years, Lee has spent considerable time in the business community working as an entrepreneur coach with the Community Investment Collaborative (CIC), a local nonprofit organization . Lee has most recently been appointed Treasurer of the Board of Directors of CIC, a testament to his charisma and capability. This experience has equipped and invigorated Lee to oversee Clayborne’s business management. 

The ownership team believes these changes will allow Clay and Lee to devote their energies to their areas of sharpest gifting and deepest passion. Thank you to everyone who has helped make Clayborne a household name in Charlottesville!