Back to School Tips from the High School Life Coach Guru (aka, Lee Elberson!)

Now that school is back in full swing, it's time to implement healthy habits and establish a routine. (Yes, this includes checking your snaps.. 👻)

  1. Establish a routine, especially in the morning.  Whether it is yoga, reading, or drinking water, a routine is the best way to make sure that you maximize your efficiency each day.  Studies suggest that if you perform the same task at the same 6-7 times, you are likely to create a habit out of that task.
  2. Use a calendar/planner.  Using a planner, whether it is digital or a physical planner, is the only way to ensure that each of your goals has time allotted to it.  The key to successfully utilizing a planner or calendar is to look at it every day BEFORE and AFTER school.  Make sure to check off tasks as you accomplish them.  A feeling of accomplishment after task completion helps motivate you to accomplish the next task.
  3. Work in short periods with intermittent breaks.  Instead of working for a couple hours straight, break the work into smaller sections. Try working on an assignment for 25 minutes and allowing yourself a 5 minute break.  The objective is to focus ONLY on the assigned task for 25 minutes in a distraction free environment.  That means putting your cell phone on silent and closing all non-task related tabs if you are working on a computer.  Once the 25 minutes is complete, you can feel like you have earned your 5 minute break.  Use this time to catch up on your Snaps or watch a Youtube video.