Clayborne Community Outreach: Because We Care

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. - Mahatma Gandhi

My name is Anna, and I am the community outreach coordinator at Clayborne Education. Here at Clayborne, we are all in when it comes to our students and are always interested in their academic, and personal, success. We are in the business of helping others to flourish. We want our efforts to benefit our students on a level deeper than just getting their grades up or acing the SAT.

So why do we do community outreach? You might say that we’d like to gain more exposure in the community, which is certainly true, but we’re also interested in reaching those students who would not otherwise be able to afford our services. We want all students to achieve a better future. Our motto is "For parents, peace of mind. For students, a better future” and we take that seriously. If we can help a student who never dreamed they would get into college in to college then there’s nothing more that we could ask for (check out our Refugee Fund to hear about one student we're helping get into college!). Our vision for community outreach is expansive, our goals are continuously being elevated. There’s always more we’d like to do. So why do we do community outreach? Because we care.  

To learn more about our community outreach efforts, visit our community outreach webpage