Clayborne March Madness Competition!

Want to win prizes for March Madness without filling out the entire bracket?

Want to be able to reset your bracket after the first rounds?

Your dreams have come true!

This year, you can compete one week at a time. Simple go to this form, and pick the 5 teams that you think will win the most in the first two rounds (this weekend).

Your points for the weekend will be determined by the number of wins for each team you choose, multiplied by its seed number. For example, Villanova (a 1-seed) is likely to win both games, but yields only 2 points to those who pick it to do so. North Dakota (15-seed) is unlikely to win even the first round, but the payoff is big if they do so (15 points) and even bigger if they win the second round (30 points!). And of course there are tons of teams that offer a higher reward than Villanova but a lower risk than North Dakota.

Good luck - happy March Madness

Compete by clicking here.