Meet Our New Office Manager - Rory Gibbens!

A rolling stone gathers no moss.  I have lived across the US, from Pennsylvania to Oregon, in villages, population 90, to cities of several million, but am excited to now call Charlottesville my home.  Having always been a constant mover, the recent addition of my first child has me finally looking to grow roots, and we have felt right at home since we arrived just a few months ago.

Nothing matters more to me than my wife Amy, and my little man, Beckett.  Oh, and there is a dog named Brew somewhere in the mix, whose impetuous and stubborn nature never fails to garner its share of attention.  A perfect evening is one where I can make dinner for my family, we can sit and watch the sunset, and Beckett goes to sleep without a single screech of his siren.

Prior to coming to Clayborne, I have spentmost of my adult life alternating between teaching and restaurant management.  Having earned my M.Ed from the University of Oregon, I went on to teach technology, language arts, and social studies at schools in Oregon and Philadelphia.  As administrative manager, I stand in a comfortable place, at the confluence of education and management.  Since arriving, I have felt right at home, and am happy to be part of the family!

In my free time, not that having a young child allows me much of it, cozying up to a good book is always a great way to spend a rainy afternoon, and a hike in the woods is a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  I have passed many miles down the long green tunnel; I do not know why the mountains call, but they do, and I must go.  And there I find peace of mind, for not all who wander are lost.