Refugee Scholarship Fund Recipient: Kibiriti Majuto

We initiated a Refugee Fund in 2016 and Kibiriti Majuto, a refugee student who was in his Junior year at CHS, became the first recipient. We were able to help him with many of his academic needs. We are very thankful to all of those who supported this fund and made Kibiriti’s experience at Clayborne possible. Our aim was to help Kibiriti gain admission to college and see him flourish once there, and we have seen just that.

While finishing up his time at CHS this past year Kibriti continued to display his diligence and commitment to succeed. During his senior year he was heavily involved in the CHS and Charlottesville community, by participating in Black Student Union, the International Club, We Are the Line, Culture to Culture, Charlottesville Youth Council, and Student Council Association at CHS, where he served as class president for both Junior and Senior year. Kibiriti had a great senior year, where he “got the opportunity to start a new club, have a successful senior year, and organize with some local leaders on things that could be done to address all the immigration problems going at the local level.” Kibiriti also had the opportunity to lobby at the United States House of Representatives for refugee rights.

Kibriti graduated from CHS, and this summer lived in New Mexico where he was involved with the Earth Guardians’ Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth. He expressed that this summer was a “great opportunity for me learn about different campaigns,” as well as connect to what young people in and across the U.S. are doing.

Kibiriti started at PVCC this fall, and is taking a full load of classes. Beyond the classroom, he is still heavily involved in the local community. Kibiriti now sits on the board of Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice. We are excited to see what else is in store for Kibriti this year and beyond, and so we desire to continue to support Kibiriti’s academic needs this year.  

We still need support to make helping Kibiriti possible. Clayborne is hoping to soon begin another Refugee Fund that we anticipate not only to support one year of Kibiriti’s academic support here at Clayborne, but also to support another high school refugee student through our comprehensive academic program. We desire to provide a platform for all students of this city to succeed regardless of background and resources. Consider giving to this expected Refugee Fund, and in doing so partnering with Clayborne to support the students of our local community.