Clayborne tip to reduce anxiety and get more done

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious about whats going on in your life? This simple strategy may help!

Using a planner is something that we've been told for our entire life but few of us put it into practice each and every day.  You can implement a weekly calendar using pen and paper or using an app.  Regardless of your medium, there are two main benefits:

  1. Reducing Anxiety - One of the main benefits of having a well planned-out week is that you never have to worry about what you are going to do next.  Just follow the schedule you set and allow yourself to be mindful of your next meeting.
  2. Improved Time Management - Planning out your week and your daily activities gives you a better idea of where you are spending most of your free time.  It also helps you to plan the locations of your meetings and appointments more strategically.

Lee Elberson - Co-owner/Masters Tutor at Clayborne.

 Time management skills have us feeling good! 

Time management skills have us feeling good!