LORDS OF the manner



Founder Michael Scott was born on March 15, 1964 at 11:23 AM, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He came from a broken home and has talked about his loneliness as a child.  Michael claims to be of English, Irish, German and Scottish ancestry. He also claims that he is 2/15 Native American.  Michael had a half-sister, from whom he was estranged from 1995 through 2010. As a consequence of their reunion, Michael hired his nephew Luke as an intern for the office. Michael was a child star on a kids' show called Fundle Bundle.  Michael is a devoted loyal employee to Dunder Mifflin and will do what he believes is best for the company. He has the same dedication to his co-workers as well and will do whatever it takes to make sure they continue with Dunder Mifflin.


Charles Miner is the new Vice President of the Northeast Region, filling the position vacated by Ryan Howard.  Charles has an accounting background. Prior to joining Dunder-Mifflin, Charles worked at Saticoy Steel, a fact which shocks Michael, who believes that only someone who comes from the paper industry has any right to be a manager at a paper company. 

Charles's no-nonsense approach clashes with Michael's carefree management style. Charles announces cost-saving measures, and his cancellation of unnecessary expenditures strikes a nerve when Michael's fifteenth-anniversary party is put on the chopping block.