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The Clayborne Way

For students, empowered learning.  For parents, peace of mind. For schools, a trusted resource.  For communities, a better future.

Our tagline expresses the way students and families more deeply thrive because of Clayborne, but it doesn’t fully encapsulate the Clayborne Way. The Clayborne Way is our mission to strengthen communities, enrich local schools, give families peace of mind, and empower students to achieve their dreams. Most tutoring companies aim to help students get better grades and test scores; Clayborne aims to do much more. The Clayborne Way is about building a compassionate community of experts who serve all kinds of students. Our nonprofit outreach and scholarship programs are designed to reach students of all backgrounds, regardless of need. Working with Clayborne is about investing in more than just your future; it’s about investing in the future of your community.

Our Four Pillars

We empower students to reach their fullest potential and achieve their dreams.  Our programs are holistic, engaging, and unique to each student.  Our friendly tutors help students manage stress, build healthy habits, improve scores, and actually have fun throughout the process.

We provide peace of mind for families. Our score guarantees, record of success, schedule flexibility, and trusted tutors ensure that students are in the best possible hands.

We enrich schools by demystifying the test prep process.  We administer and score diagnostic tests (SAT and ACT) and present to high schools a detailed analysis of their students’ college preparedness. At universities, we provide presentations to departments to give students an overview of what to expect from the different graduate tests (GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and MCAT).

We strengthen communities by partnering with nonprofit organizations to serve under-resourced students.  We offer free services to students in need so that every student has an opportunity for a college education.  Our Better Future Fellows initiative aims to guide first-generation college students through the rigors of the college application process, walking with them through the latter half of high school and the first year of college.

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