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  • The Clayborne Way

    Clayborne equips students, guides families, supports schools, and enriches communities.

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  • College Test Prep

    The college admissions process can be daunting. An expert guide is crucial. Clayborne brings parents peace of mind by enabling their students to reach their fullest potential.

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  • Grad School Test Prep

    The next standardized test doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker!  Clayborne gives you the confidence of a competitive score.

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  • Community Outreach

    Our mission in one word: access. We seek to make top-notch academic support and expert college/grad school prep available to all, regardless of financial resources.  Hence our community partnerships and our dynamic Better Future Fellows program.

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Clayborne doesn’t help students, we help families

For parents, peace of mind. For students, a better future.

Preparing for College?

Preparing for Grad School?

Guaranteed Results

Every student has a unique learning style and specific needs. Additionally, preparing for college or graduate school can be frustrating and overwhelming. Based in central Virginia, our personalized, one-to-one tutoring model yields results.

Average Score Increase


Top 3 College Choice

How It Works

1. Diagnostic

The first step is always a diagnostic test to establish a baseline understanding of where you are.

2. Consultation

Once we know where you are, then we work with you to identify where you are going (goals, preferences, etc.)

3. Customized Program

Finally, we use the information gathered in steps 1 and 2 to create a customized program uniquely suited to you.

In Their Own Words

“Clayborne has been a unique and invaluable resource for my son. His ACT score was a 23, and after taking their prep classes, he was able to raise it to a 28! I give Clayborne my highest recommendation for helping students with their ACT scores!”

Chris B.Parent

“With the hands-on instruction and study plan customization, Clayborne is well worth the investment. I bumped up my LSAT scores dramatically, and was accepted to my top choice for Law School. Highly recommend to anyone looking for premium test-prep.”

Dan G. LSAT Program Participant

“My experience with Clayborne has been amazing! Every tutor that I have worked with are so friendly and they have a great understanding of the material. Thanks Clayborne!!”

Masyn W.Student, Charlottesville High School

“I found Clayborne to be exceedingly helpful when it came to helping me prepare for my GRE. When I first took my diagnostic, I was unprepared to take the GRE and was a nervous test taker. However, I found that with Clayborne's help, I not only improved by 10 points for verbal and 13 points for math, but I also found that I was confident going into the test. ”

Bridget S.GRE Program Participant

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